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If you can make a decision, you are creative.

Creativity is all about making decisions and solving problems. On this site I share everything I’m learning with an emphasis on time lapse, hyperlapse and stopmotion to make unique content that catches peoples attention and helps brands sell products so you can save time and make more money.

Scott Herder trying to grab all his camera equipment in a silly photo.

Time Lapse

  • 5+ and Counting

A static shot from a timelapse of the Clock Tower in Reyjkavik Iceland as a reference image for Hyperlapse VS Timelapse


  • Coming Soon


  • 1+ More Coming Soon

A pretty view of the sunset in Sunset Park Brooklyn


  • Coming Soon


  • 2 + More Coming Soon

Trying To Improve Each Day

A Bit About Scott

Scott is a content creator based in Brooklyn, New York specializing in bite size content using time lapse, hyperlapse and stopmotion techniques to make fun videos that drive results. He shares what he’s learning online, teaches courses, speaks at events, works for brands, and likes stoicism and cats.

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Time Lapse, Hyperlapse, Stop Motion

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