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  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-lapse Photography E-book”
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  • The Ultimate Guide to Hyper-lapse Photography E-book”
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Free Updates
  • E-mail and video Support
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Not only will you get free updates for a year whenever new versions come out. But by purchasing the e-book now you will get 50% off the price above, and a discount on my complete video course which is coming soon.

Which Package is Right For Me

Choose the option below thats best for you!

  1. Buy the Basic Package if:
    1. You are comfortable shooting in full-manual and are familiar with Lightroom
    2. Have a basic understanding of After Effects.
    3. Learn better with images and text vs video.
  2. Choose Standard Package if:
    1. You are new to photography or not so comfortable with Aperture Priority or Manual Modes
    2. Have no idea what After-Effects is
    3. Learn better with video instead of text and images
  3. Choose Pro if:
    1. You want to learn in the shortest amount of time possible
    2. You would benefit from having the source files and editing along side me
    3. You want perfection and want to run your footage by me for feedback and how to edit your specific sequences.

Learn Hyper-Lapse Photography Today

In this self-directed course, I walk you through the step-by-step process on how exactly I shoot and edit my hyper-lapse sequences. I’ll teach you how to stabilize the shakiest footage to get silky smooth results. I will guide you through the shooting and the editing so you don’t have to do any guess work. I created this e-book because I wish I would have had this information when I was first starting hyper-lapse photography. As a person with a limited budget and perpetual wanderlust, I refused to accept that I needed to buy all this expensive and heavy equipment to create smooth hyper-lapses. This e-book will teach you how to shoot super smooth hyper-lapse sequences with the tools you already have. A computer, a camera, one lens, and sometimes a tripod.

Whether you’re looking to get into hyper-lapse photography or just looking to break out of your plateau and save tons of time and money, this course features step by step processes and methods I use to shoot, edit, and stabilize my hyper-lapse sequences. You get a behind the scenes look at the entire process and learn exactly how you can do this too.

Techniques You’ll Learn

Below are some examples of the exact technique’s we will cover. Plus there are some great bonus materials that will teach you how to edit your transitions like a pro.

Dolly Hyperlapse

Well teach you how to go north and south like in the video above.

Left to Right Hyperlapse

Learn the tricks and tips to make silky smooth hyperlapses moving left to right.

Follow A Moving Person

Take your hyperlapse photography to the next level by learning how to follow a moving person!

Moving With Two Subjects

Learn how to pull off mind blowing hyperlapses when there are two subjects in your shot.

Hyper Zoom

We’ll show you how to do impossible zooms that will elevate your skills.

Tracking Moving Subjects

Learn how to shoot, process, and edit sequences for following moving people from far away.

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